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Power Of WhatsApp Marketing

whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp Messenger, a freeware communication platform, enables users to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share images, documents, user locations and other media. Of all the social media applications, WhatsApp has emerged to be more comprehensible and easy to use. Therefore, as long as the user’s device remains connected to the internet, it is available for all, be it on a smart phone or desktop. In addition to this, the end-to-end encryption of messages makes WhatsApp more reliable and trustworthy, wherein only the communicating users can read the messages. Hence, decrypting the messages is not possible.

Two years ago, WhatsApp had released a new feature called WhatsApp Business, wherein various businesses are allowed to communicate with their clients and grow their business. Therefore, this can also be named as WhatsApp Marketing Tool. Ever since then, marketing has been easy and efficient for various businesses, either a start up or a well-established business. Also, this feature enables WhatsApp Bulk Marketing wherein a group of 256 people can be created! The following points show us the advantages of WhatsApp marketing:


  • It’s swift!

WhatsApp being an instant messaging application, it is pretty simple to get messages across the world in a fraction of seconds. Also it provides us a direct interaction with the customers. Therefore, this ensures a swift and quicker experience for the customers. Hence, we can say that the retailers are just a text away!

  • Effortless marketing

Unlike other social media platforms, creating content requires much lesser effort and fewer resources. Along with a text, it allows us to send images and videos which are way too good to ignore for the marketers. Including a joke in a text or a meme in the images creates a major impact on the customers. Moreover, there are no WhatsApp marketing charges. Hence, this allows users of all kinds to access the advantages of this application.

  • Customer relationship

WhatsApp helps us in maintaining a good rapport with the customers as in when required they can voice their needs or specifications. Being there for them 24*7 not only makes them feel superior but also happy. If they are glad enough, chances are they will promote or refer your services to their friends; hence, expanding your business.

  • Personalized experience

WhatsApp allows us to personally contact the customers and attend their needs. As a brand, you can show the customers how much you care. It is also easy to receive feedback and work on them.


brand origin

Many designer companies, ranging from various boutiques to leading branded companies use this channel and also a WhatsApp group for digital marketing. When dealt in the right way, this can help in achieving tremendous popularity for goods & services and also expand one’s business, as in when shared, this attracts plenty of intriguing customers to avail the services. However, a platform of this sort can either make or break a company. Hence, to make most out this channel often it is preferred to follow some guidelines to make sure that false information is avoided.

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