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Customer Relationship Management

BUILD YOUR NICHE CUSTOMER BASE Customer relationship management (CRM) as the name suggests helps Businesses take a look at customers and relationship management from a unique lens – that of data and analysis! It uses customers ‘ history with your company to further your business with them; moreover, it also provides your business with target customer base to the bull’s eye using data from all the channels you use including traffic, interaction on website, phones, social media, marketing vehicles, etc.. Brand Origin excels in absorbing and analyzing all your data with the help of our Data Analysts to give you a wealth of meaningful and utilitarian information!

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Enterprise Resource Planning

BECOME A SMART BUSINESSERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an all-round management system that helps your business become smarter and more efficient with the use of software! It is a back-end office solution that makes life easier for you as it sorts, analyses and provides real-time information on how best to utilize our resources- from accounts, cash, salaries, inventory, production, orders, etc., and helps connect the dots between all the varied information to provide you a thorough analysis on where you need to focus BrandOrigin provides customised ERP Solutions for you based on business size, sector and goals!

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