Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious projects in the video game industry. In fact, the original announcement happened in 2012, and to this day it is still in development (although playable through an Alpha version). mykohlscardThe game wants to be the most complex ‘space life simulator’ in a futuristic environment where the colonization of planets and interplanetary travel are a reality. myshopriteexperienceThat said, currently multiple Star Citizen players have been facing the 19003, 19004 and 60015 error codes when trying to log in. myshopriteexperienceIn the recent past, we have already covered some issues related to the space simulator. Even one of them included another annoying error code. myshopriteexperienceNow, most of the reports related to Star Citizen login issues mention the ‘60015’ error code that appears when trying to access. mywawavisitHowever, there are other error codes that are appearing on a lesser scale to Star Citizen players, such as ‘19003’ and ‘19004’. mywawavisitSince the game is still in ‘Alpha’ state, it is normal to find bugs from time to time. But, it is still frustrating for players that these issues prevent them from even accessing it. pandaguestexperienceuStar Citizen developers are already aware of the issue and investigating. They also confirmed that error codes started appearing since the Alpha v3.18 update. pandexpressfeedbackIn the meantime, there is a potential workaround that could help mitigate the issue: pandexpressfeedbackPrizePicks is a popular ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’ service that allows users to participate in multi-sport fantasy leagues. pandexpresssurveyUnlike other Fantasy services, PrizePicks allows you to wager real money. So, it is quite important that its servers are running correctly so that everyone can set their teams at any time.