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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Email marketing is the art of making your Brand visible on the most private sanctuary of your customers – Their Inboxes! However, we need to tread it carefully as we only have to grab their attention by creating clear, crisp and meaningful emails that tell the customers what they stand to gain from [...]
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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation – Customers these days are way smarter than earlier! They like to do a thorough homework before buying a product or service! Searching online for products and comparing quality, prices, etc., are common phenomena! In this scenario, search engine optimisation (SEO) to make your website stand at the top of searches is [...]
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Lead Generations Campaign

Lead generation is a tricky business! Bombarding random people with spam calls or messages is not a nuisance to customers, but is not worth the money and effort spent! Rather, engaging audiences who are interested in products that we offer is the smart way! Brand Origin will help you generate leads by enticing customers through [...]
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Google Ads Advertising

When it comes to placing ads online, nothing beats Pay-Per-Click Advertising in relevancy & effectiveness! Moreover, it is value for money too, as you only have to pay when potential customer clicks on your sponsored ad and make his way to the landing page! However, what might seem like an easy thing to do even [...]
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Social Media Marketing

Brand Origin is a complete marketing agency for all your needs – right from conceptualizing and implementing marketing strategies for both online and offline campaigns to managing your website content, social media, etc..! We brainstorm to create the perfect content to engage potential customers both online through social media, images, videos and offline through print [...]
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