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Search engine optimisation – Customers these days are way smarter than earlier! They like to do a thorough homework before buying a product or service! Searching online for products and comparing quality, prices, etc., are common phenomena! In this scenario, search engine optimisation (SEO) to make your website stand at the top of searches is a key tool for you to make your presence felt online!

The SEO experts Brand Origin will help you get great search engine rankings through optimising your website and increasing your website’s crawling rate in search engines, and thereby, increase hits to your website through a number of tried and trusted ways!


Keyword Analyses

The importance of Keywords cannot be stressed enough! A small Keyword change can be the deciding fact whether your products will sell like hot cakes or not! Keeping in mind your Brand and your target audience, our team will provide you with a wealth of trending Keywords for your website to grab all the relevant searches!

Content on your website can make or break a deal, literally!

Title And Meta tag optimisation

The key is optimising and copywriting your content to make it attractive and persuasive to read to your customers! So, our content writers will create standard Keyword-rich content for your website including title-tags and meta-tags based on inputs from our SEO experts!

Image optimisation

Your website’s Content, whether in graphic or in written format, makes a customer look and consider your products and services seriously!! In fact, nothing is more off-putting than content that is badly-written and filled with spelling, grammatical mistakes!

The SEO experts at Brand Origin will work with you to take and find images that are relevant, and thereby, optimise them so that your site’s speed will improve while retaining the quality of the image! We also use strong keywords in image descriptions to further improve your rankings!

Search engines give weight to images while ranking your site!

Link Building

Just like a testimonial from a exemplary person boosts your brand value, so does a good backlink or an internal link with good anchor text boost up your search engine rankings! We at Brand Origin will build the content of your website and work on your website to create genuine backlinks from relevant and trusted sites, bloggers! Moreover, we will also create useful internal links that will result in higher rankings!

Site Map Implimentation

A Sitemap helps search engines like Google crawl through your website and index it! So, having a structured Sitemap is quite critical to get users to come knocking at your door! The Web Developers at Brand Origin will make your Sitemap based on Google’s Sitemap Protocol to ensure maximum visibility!

Google Web Master Set Up

One of the basic and yet very insightful ways to see your website’s search engine statistics is the Google Webmaster Tools! Not only does it help you see which keywords worked in bringing users to your website, but also helps tell you what links (both internal and external) are there on your website and crawl rate! We at Brand Origin will setup the Webmaster for you and work on increasing your footprints on the search engine!

Good “SEO” work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

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